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Mungbean under CA after maize

14 Jan

Farmer in Rattanak Mundol district (Battambang province) diversified their NT systems sowing or broadcsating mungbean just after harvesting maize. Sowing was done with a NT planter (4 rows).

Field visit of farmers in Battambang

18 Dec

From 16th to 20th of October field visits were organized in Rattanak Mundol district (Battambang province), sharing experiences between farmers and agronomists from the Conservation Agriculture Service Center. Access to machinery, sharing knowledge between farmers, changes in soil fertility, and availability of soybean varieties were discussed.

Our mission

Soil, this living ecosystem is our foundation.

Restore and use biological processes to build a healthy soil to restore soil structure, enhance nutrients efficiency, retain water, increasing productivity and profitability in smallholder rain-fed agriculture