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Rolling of Stylosanthes guianensis (June 2015)

Cover of Stylosanthes guianensis (June 2015)

Maize direct seeded on Stylosanthes guianensis mulch (July 2015)

Stylosanthes guianensis associated with maize (July 2015)

Maize on Stylosanthes guianensis mulch (July 2014)

Farm's field of maize direct seeded on former crop residues (July 2014, Rattanak Mundoul district, Battambang)

Sorghum as cover crop before soybean (June 2015)

Soybean direct seeded on mulch of sorghum (July 2015)

Farmer's field of soybean under no-till management (August 2014, Rattanak Mundoul district, Battambang)

Cassava under chisel plough and residues of former crop (May 2015), no ploughing, no ridging!

Cassava under chisel plough (farmer's field, Rattanak Mundoul district, Battambang)

Stylosanthes guianensis and Centrosema pascuorum in paddy fields (May 2015) in Stung Chinit (irrigation scheme, 80% sand), from 10 to 20 tons of fresh biomass

Stylosanthes and Centrosema an amazing fodder resource (April 2015, end of the dry season)

Biomass of Stylosanthes guianensis on 80% sand (Stung Chinit, May 2015)

Right: 'native vegetation'; center: conventional management (CT); left: direct seeding mulch-based cropping system (DMC). CT and DMC (4 years) are adjacent plots.


Wet season rice direct seeded on cover of Stylosanthes and Centrosema (July 2015)

Early wet season rice direct seeded on mulch of Stylosanthes guianensis (Stung Chinit, May 2015)

Seed production of sunnhemp (Crotalaria juncea), December 2014

Seed production of millet and sorghum (December 2014)


Collection of 22 varieties of cassava (July 2015, Bos Khnor Station)