Small-scale Machinery

CASC provides no-till service for maize sowing to smallholders in Rattanak Mundoul and Samlout districts (Battambang province). In 2014, 90 households used our services for a planted area of maize and soybean of 265 ha.

Farmer's field of no-till maize in Phengchanva village No-till soybean in Phengchanva village


We use a range of agricultural equipments with no-till planters and rolling knife for 2W and 4W tractors. Chisel plough is used for cassava planting to reduce the negative impacts of land preparation, shifting from disk ploughing and ridging cultivation to flat planting disturbing only the planting line.


Pulled versatile no-till planter (Semeato) Local made rolling knife
Rolling knife with blades for 4W tractor Versatile no-till planter


There is very limited availability in the region of scale-appropriate mechanization for mulch-based cropping systems and other sustainable farming practices in the region. CASC promoted the importation of no-till seeders from Brazil, and also teamed with a leading agriculture implement companies in Cambodia and Thailand to develop no-till seeders for 2W and 4W tractor.