Training & Education

Capacity building of agronomists and extension staff and connection with higher education programs are key components of CASC.

Agronomists and extension staff

Agronomists and extension staff are continuously trained, on the choice, setting up, management and fine-tuning of DMC. The learning process is based on several criteria: it is anchored in real situations; it is inseparable from action; it takes into account the diversity of knowledge of each participant; it includes practical, analytical (i.e., assessment of changes in soil biological activity or soil aggregation among others) but also theoretical aspects that will be able to explain and justify new practices.

Higher education program

Capacity building of professors/lecturers, agronomists, scientists and farmers is essential to promote a sustainable management of the natural resources. Knowledge should be acquired at different levels: how to mobilize ecological processes to increase efficiency and profitability, how to aggregate different approaches to connect scales (field, farm, landscape and territory), how to create an enabling environment (building connections between stakeholders). A specific project called Innovative pedagogical resources in Conservation Agriculture for South-East Asia (IPERCA) aims at designing educational materials and strengthening the connection between the field - lab and teaching activities.