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Organic management of maize and upland rice

07 Aug

Maize and upland rice are produced under full organic management since 2008 through a two-year rotational sequence with Stylosanthes guianensis as a main cover/relay crop.

Stylo (4 kg/ha) is established the same day than maize and 30 days after sowing for upland rice. Stylo stays alive during the dry season and regrows at the onset of the rainy season. Stylo is controlled by mechanical rolling.

Organic fertilizer are used to allow a good establishment and growth of maize and upland rice. In addition, several tools of the microbial engineering (Trichoderma harzinium, Beauveria bassiana, Metarhizium anisopliae, Bacillus subtilis, oil neem) are used to improve the efficiency of the system.

 Mechanical control of Stylosanthes guianensis    Biomass of stylo after rolling
Stylo, one day after rolling   Two weeks after rolling
16 days after sowing   25 days after sowing


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Soil, this living ecosystem is our foundation.

Restore and use biological processes to build a healthy soil to restore soil structure, enhance nutrients efficiency, retain water, increasing productivity and profitability in smallholder rain-fed agriculture