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Advance in dry season cassava

15 Mar


Planting of what we called ‘dry season’ cassava is done mid-September after early maize in association with cover crops (finger millet and sunnhemp). A chisel plough is used to open the planting line. The establishment is easier than that at the beginning of the season (March to May) less comptetion with weeds and much better establishment of cassava in a context of climate uncertainties.

Cassava will then be grown from 9 to 18 months depending of the market commodities and cash requirements for the smallholder farmers. Appropriate-scale machinery with direct planter of cassava is of paramount importance offsetting the scarcity of labor force and moving to appropriate soil and crop management (no ploughing and no ridging).


 Early maize + finger millet + sunnhemp   Dry season cassava


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